Prosthetics Manufacturers

Check out the companies that make artificial feet, knees, and skin, decoration for sockets and legs, and other nifty things.

Bartlett Universal Knee

Left Side, Inc. is the website of Brian Bartlett, Amputee Athlete and Mountain Bike Downhill Racer and inventor behind the Bartlett Tendon Universal Knee System.

Bespoke Innovation

Designs and fabricates custom non-anatomical covers, or "fairings", for prosthetic legs.

Biodapt Inc

Biodapt Inc, Maker of Motoknee and other lower-limb prosthetic components.

Cascade Orthopedic Supply

Distributes prosthetic and orthotic supplies including components, liners, and tools.

C-ME Artistic Cosmetic Sleeve Covers

C-ME sleeve lets you the amputee change colors and designs to match your mood or clothes. A unique expressive prosthetic sleeve cover for artificial limbs.

College Park Industries, Inc.

Makers of prosthetic feet and ankle systems, such as the Trustep foot.

DAW Industries, Inc.

Makers of knees, sleeves, and skins for prosthetic legs.

Dorset Orthopaedic - The Art Of Living

Makers of limbs and custom cosmetic silicone covers, for example, one for Heather Mills

Makers of lower limb components, such as the Echelon foot and a range of artificial knees.

Euro International

Distributer of a wide range of prosthetic components from sleeves, to adapters, to feet.

Fillauer Companies

A collection of affiliated companies that make prosthetic and orthotic components, such as the Element foot.

Fred's Legs SleeveArt

Covers and laminate designs for sockets.

Freedom Innovations

Makers of lower limb prosthetic components, such as the Renegade Foot.


Manufactures socks

Motion Control

Part of the Fillauer Companies, Motion Control manufactures artificial arms and feet. Perhaps their best known product is the Utah Arm.

Ohio Willow Wood

Makers of lower limb prosthetic components such as the Alpha line of gel liners.


One of the largest makers of prosthetic components, such as the Flex-Foot line of feet and the Rheo knee.

Otto Bock

Makers of prosthetic components, such as the C-leg.


Co.Design article "Almost Genius: Women's Prosthetic Limbs as Fashion Accessories." Pictures and review of Outfeet - aesthetic non-representational lower-limb prostheses


Makers of prosthetic and orthotic equipment, including the Seattle foot, one of the first dynamic, energy storing feet to arrive on the market in the 1980s.